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You are always welcome to come visit our center.  Your presence, participation, and input are greatly appreciated.  We encourage you to engage in your child’s activities here at Grace Academy.  We believe your involvement is crucial for both you and your child because it strengthens the continuity between a child’s experience at home and at the center.


Parents must keep children’s records up-to-date.  Always inform the office of any changes in address, phone number, custody, health or emergency contacts. In the event custody changes, please provide our office with a copy of the papers.

Academy fees are:  

6 weeks - infant room rate, $165 weekly

toddler - 4 years old, $145 weekly

Before and after school, $80 weekly

All students must pay a non-refundable $80.00 registration fee.

Part-time preschool (3 & 4 yr old; potty trained; 8am-2pm), $100 weekly

Summer Camp $140 (includes activities and field trips)


All students 18 month-preschool must pay a $120.00 YEARLY curriculum fee.  This fee is due upon registration and by August each following year.

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